Cawnpore Lookout

Cawnpore Lookout is set on the edge of Winton Shire and Boulia Shire overlooking the Lilleyvale Hills. The Lookout is approximately 51 kilometres west of Middleton. Spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding Hills can be seen from here. The Lookout is well sign-posted and is well-worth the stop on the way through. There are two levels to this lookout. The lower level is a small parking area beside a small sun shelter on the top of a low, steep hill beside the road.� A narrow track from the small shelter goes a short distance to the top of a nearby mesa formation and a short scramble up rocks gains access to the top of the mesa with superb views. The track is barely formed in several parts and moderate agility is required to reach the top.

Location:� Kennedy Development Road, Middleton