Cobbold Gorge

Make time to experience this truly unique outback oasis, deep in the heart of the Gulf Savannah region. Cobbold Gorge is fed by several springs and is stocked with a variety of native fish and freshwater crocodiles. On a guided tour you will cruise part of this 6km gorge, exploring ancient geological landforms.  Glide silently between towering sandstone cliffs on a specially designed, battery powered punt.  Then, walk to the top of the escarpment for magnificent views of the gorge below. Discover native wildlife, go bushwalking, birdwatching, or simply relax.  Enjoy the modern comforts of Cobbold Village, including the inviting infinity pool, RV friendly camping and caravanning sites or convenient en suite cabins.

Location:  Cobbold Gorge Village, Agate Creek Road, Forsayth