John Flynn Place

John Flynn Place Museum, Cloncurry honours an Australian visionary and those who joined his campaign for better living conditions in remote Australia and the creation of the Royal Flying Doctor ServiceIt records an era of technological advance when aviation and radio overcame the isolation of vast tracts of Australia. In particular, it records the role of Cloncurry within this great story, for it was here that John Flynn began his flying doctor experiment in 1928 and pioneered his dream of outback radio communication. The museum also plays tribute to the amazing work of Alfred Traeger, the inventive genius who gave a voice to Outback Australia through the pedal radio. The centre also encompasses the work of Allan Vickers, who joined the Aerial Medical Service of the Australian Inland Mission, and in 1931-1934 was a medical superintendent in Cloncurry.

Location: Cnr King and Daintree Streets, Cloncurry