Kidston Gold Mine

See the Australia's largest open-cut gold mine.  Approximately 110km south of Einasleigh you'll find the Kidston gold mine and battery (1921-45, 1984-2000), a major industrial relic. Sometimes referred to as The Oaks Goldfield, Kidston had its own battery. Built by the Queensland government in the early 1920s, the 15 head battery with a gas engine and two generators is still standing at the site of the current mining operation. It has been listed for preservation by the National Trust. The mine was converted to open cut in 1921 and mining continued until 1945 when the mine closed down. There was some interest in reopening the mine in the 1960s but it wasn't until 1979 that the Kidston Gold Mines applied to the Queensland government to start full production again. Plans are in place to convert the now disused site to what will be the third-largest hydroelectric energy storage project in Australia.  At present there is no access for the general public.