Outback Rock and Blues

Outback Rock and Blues is rapidly growing in popularity and is set to rival sister event, Opera in the Outback with many guests come as much for the music as for the magic that is Undara. Outback Rock and Blues attracts a wide variety of visitors who return each year as well as being highly rated among performers. Performer, Luke O’Shea says that “The Undara Experience is where I stop, the landscape, the people, raw and powerful. Nothing can compare to the experience at Undara Experience”.  Bram Collins, Managing Director of Undara Experience, says that “the best thing about the Outback Rock and Blues weekend is the size of the event. This is not an event where there are thousands of people, this is a small event, only a couple of hundred, so you get to meet up with old mates and make a heap of new ones”. Outback Rock and Blues is an amazing weekend of music and mates in one of North Queensland’s most unique locations – Undara Experience.

Location:  Undara Experience, Undara Volcanic National Park