Prairie Hotel

Call in to the Prairie Hotel and take a look at their collection of stockman's hats and other memorabilia.  The pubs claim to fame lies in the mystique of the wandering ringer.  The origin of the ghostly prowler comes from a story around the 1930's.  The Prairie Hotel had reigned unchallenged in the town for many years until the 1930's when another hotelier decided to open a pub.  The owner of the pub planned to remove competition by burning down the new complex and enlisted the aid of a local yardman with the promise of a payment of a gold sovereign and a bottle of OP Rum.  The ringer dutifully lit the fire but stumbled upstairs to grab his bottle of rum, downed the contents, fell asleep, and was burned by the fire.  The ringer did light the fire, however, was not given his full cash reward by the old pub owner.  In retaliation he now haunts the hotel looking for his gold sovereign.

Location: Flinders Highway, Prairie