Talaroo Hot Springs

NOTE: Talaroo Hot Springs is currently closed for developments with the hopes of re-opening around April 2020. A recent addition to the interesting places around Mt Surprise is the Talaroo Station Hot Springs. Located 38 km west of Mount Surprise, Talaroo is a working cattle station. The hot springs exist in a strange five-terraced sequence which rises from deep inside the earth and bubbles up in the Einasleigh River.  The water temperature in the main spring is extremely hot, but there is another spring which is channelled into a lovely bush pool which has a constant 35 degree temperature.  Limited bush camping is available and there are also conducted tours of the station. The springs are open from 8am to 5pm seven days a week between Easter and the end of September.

Location:  Talaroo Station, 38km west of Mt Surprise