Top tours

Get the real story and hear it from a local on one of these unique day tours. Tours range from a couple of hours to full day. Choose from rail tours, coach tours, walking tours and cruises. There's lots to see and do in the North West.

White Mountains Flight

Experience a scenic flight over the magnificent White Mountains National Park with Fox Helicopter Services.


Savannah Aviation

Try something a little different while you're in Burketown. Enjoy a birds-eye-view of where the land meets the sea, as well as the breathtaking patterns of gulf river systems.


Dinosaur Stampede

The trackways at Dinosaur Stampede National Monument were formed 95 million years ago when a herd of 150 small two-legged dinosaurs were ambushed by a large theropod.


Croc & Crab Tours

Cruise to a stunning gulf sand island at sunset.� Witness a spectacular gulf sunset as you dine on delicious fresh seafood.�


Gulflander Rail Tour

Take a journey aboard the legendary Gulflander for a rail journey unlike any other. Originally built to connect the once bustling river port of Normanton with the rich gold fields of Croydon.


Hampstead Tours

Uncover one of Richmond�s best-kept secrets on a guided tour to Hamstead Springs featuring stunning escarpments and views of the Gregory Range.


Australian Age of Dinosaurs

This incredible museum is home to the world�s largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils.


Rail tour ex Forsayth

Board the Savannahlander in Forsayth for a half day vintage rail trip to Einasleigh then return by bus to Forsayth.


Rail tour ex Mt Surprise

Board the Savannahlander in Mt Surprise on Thursday afternoon and sit back and relax for your 2 hour rail journey to Einasleigh

Mt Surprise

Forsayth by Night Tour

This entertaining guided walking tour with a ghostly themed will have you questioning fact from fiction. Enjoy bush storytelling with a modern technical twist.


Cobbold Gorge

Immerse yourself in the natural wonder of a truly unique North Queensland outback holiday destination deep in the heart of the Gulf Savannah region.


Wind Tunnel Explorer

Suitable for the more active visitors, this two hour tour involves climbing over rocks and walking on uneven surfaces. The ultimate lava tubes experience.


Wildlife at Sunset

Enjoy a big sky sunset with sparkling wine and cheese followed by a nature experience at dusk in the entrance of a spectacular lava tube.